Perfexio Legal is a full-service law firm with the focus on key practice areas such as Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Designs, Competition Law, Labour & Employment Laws, Entertainment & Media Law, IP Licensing. It is strategically positioned to help its clients to achieve their business goal. At the Firm, we are inspired by a single vision – protecting legal system and our clients’ legal rights which each of our passionate colleagues contribute immensely to bring about desired result. We bring a human touch to every matter we handle on behalf of our clients.

The Firm is an equal opportunity Firm and recognizes the importance of balance and flexibility in its work environment. It offers a wide variety of competitive benefits and programs that provide its colleagues, the resources to pursue their goals, both at work and in their personal lives. Empowered to apply its individual talents and diverse perspectives in an inclusive culture, its shared values of passion, urgency, accountability, inclusion and integrity bring out the highest potential of each of our colleagues. The Firm believes in professional growth of each of its colleagues.

The Firm is committed to its Clients, Colleagues and Community with a single mission to discover talent, develop talent and deliver through talent, the world class legal services.

The litigation is our forte. The Firm has a well-dedicated and strong Litigation & Intellectual Property Practice Groups, which are backed by rich experience and expertise in handling high profile and landmark litigations, especially contentious patent litigation.

In additional to handling regular litigation matters, the Firm has handled plethora of high stake and unprecedented litigation. It has the distinction of representing its innovation-based clients on the issues pertaining to Compulsory Licence and Bolar Exemption under the Indian Patent Law and its members have been involved in many other high stake litigations.

We represent some of the world's most reputed and respected business houses in varied fields of law and technology.

Perfexio Legal is a professional law firm with a difference

Clients like the Firm for excellent services

Colleagues like it for opportunities & all-round professional growth

Communities like it for pro bono legal services it provides to needy people

Firm's Policies

Policy re Representation:

The Firm represents only innovation based companies. As a protocol, the Firm recognizes 'integrity' as its foundation and therefore, strongly upholds its principle - 'changing side is no good for either of the sides.'

Policy re Conflict of Interest:

Before taking up any matter, the Firm carries out a thorough conflict of interest subject matter search on computerized comprehensive database and blows the whistle, in case, any conflict is found. It is only pursuant to clearance on the issue of conflict of interest, the Firm takes up the matter(s).

Policy re Confidentiality:

The Firm’s duty of confidentiality is one of the profession's "core values" which extends far beyond the evidentiary Attorney-Client privilege. The Firm believes that duty generally covers any information learnt during the Attorney-Client relationship (not just communications to or from a client). The Firm maintains its records and communications with utmost confidentiality.

Firm's Values

The Firm is fully committed to:

High ethical standard:

Working with zero tolerance over ethical matters is the core value of the Firm. The Firm has successfully established a culture of complete confidentiality and of earning the trust of its clients.

Premium quality:

The Firm has put highest premium on quality. Every assignment at the Firm goes through a funnel ensuring impeccable perfection.

Client satisfaction:

The Firm believes that client knows the best about what it wants. The Firm makes conscious efforts in understanding the exact needs of its clients, making optimum use of the resources and ensuring a happy client.


The Firm provides equal opportunity and ensures transparency in all processes it follows. No one is discriminated against on the basis of creed, class, religion etc.


While each assignment is executed through concentrated efforts of individuals, every assignment is a team effort.

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