The Firm uses state-of-the-art technology such as latest version of Mac/Windows/Linux Professional Operating Systems, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and backup system to ensure an efficient and safe environment for client’s data. To secure voluminous data, the Firm uses Customized Web Application with new technology of Microsoft Dynamic Navision 2016. It also uses the latest technology for End Point Security (EPS) which integrates Anti Ransomware, Advanced DNA Scan, and Behavioural Detection System to protect the network from data security threats. The systems, built in-house, offer customized services that complement the efficient deliveries. All the infrastructure is housed in its owned space.

The Firm constantly strives to upgrade the standard and quality of its services through competent staffing, mechanization and better infrastructure. The Firm's Professionals keep themselves abreast of contemporary technology trends.

In our quest for deliverance of perfection, we have always used technology to our advantage.

The Firm's highly integrated and automated information and financial system enhances the efficiency, quality and productivity in executing the overall professional work of the Firm.


The Firm is also fully equipped to provide high quality professional services during the challenging times, such as the outbreak of global pandemic, COVID-19 and any other such situations. The Firm’s “Work from Home” Policy together with state-of-the-art IT Infrastructure led by a strong technical team in coordination with other professionals has ensured uninterrupted high quality services to our Clients and we remain confident to do so in future.

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